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27 Agosto 2023
Hi, we rent a car on 26.07. by Cagliary airport by company Viaggiare for one a week. We made the reservation through net, made the online check-in. We knew that we had to pay with debit car. By pick up we got the car with more than 1list and 1/2 of damages. The man on parking place told us that we should make some video of the car by pick up and last day. We did it. The car has many very small damages, without big crashes. We had to washed the car before we get it back. We did it. The company gave us back security deposit at the same day. But they send us email that there are new two damages on back side of the car and left front by driver. We did not make any new damages. We sent them both videos and photos. They do not give us any photo, just told us it is not enough. After two weeks they just take from the car 317€ and sent us invoice. We wrote them that we do not agree with it, we sent them the invoice back and want our money back..They answeared us that they are checking it by claim deparment but after one week there are any news. It is already one month after rent. The contract CA5271. Please help us with this issues. Thank you Lh
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