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12 Novembre 2021
Greetings! I'm writing you from Croatia and asking for help! I bought two pairs of shoes from Cristiano Gualtieri web shop on January 3rd this year (order 17496). They were too big so I immediately asked for exchange for smaller number (January 15th). They respond the same day and said they will arrange the return and exchange for the following monday. But then nothing!! No return, no any kind of information. I wrote them emails (20th, 24th, 26th January) and left dozen of messages on Facebook and Instagram. Nothing!! Then I wrote them back on May 6th as I was desparate and they respond that they are sorry for the delay but they will know arrange the return and that I must pick one new pare becasue they don't have the old one for exchange, etc. I contact them the same day, and said what shoes do I want now and I am ready for exchange. And after then again nothing!! No mails, no notifications. I ask them on May 13th what is going on, but did not receive any respond! Then again on 7th and 29th June. I wrote them final email on 15th September in which I said that I'm forced to contact Unione Nazinale Consumatori in Italy and AGCM in Italy. I didn't receive any respond from them. So I am asking You for help. I have all email corespondency in my archives if needed.
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