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07 Ottobre 2022
Hi, my father made a contract with you for internet and TV, we talked with you in september, you said very clear that you will send the package with the router and some other stuff, you also said that someone will come on october 3 to install it but NO ONE came. On 4 october we called you and your respone was ,,We'll send someone on 5 at 4.15 to you" but NO ONE showed up, AGAIN. We called you again, this Time your respone was that în 1-2 days somenone will come, and again NO ONE showed up. Today we called you AGAIN and your response was that on 12 october somenone will come. Now the question is, do i espect that on 12 no one will show up, plus that we are paying for nothing until someone will come. I ll make a complain to the Humans Rights too. Thank you!
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