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Pablo andres
13 Ottobre 2022
Salve, Prima scusi per parlare in inglese. Il mio italiano non e buono: On 11/08 I purchase a TIM SIM card in Rome with plan TIM International, which included the first month of service. Then on 11/09 22:10 I made a recharge of 10 euros from the TIM App, at the same date and time I was charge 8.99 euros for "rinnovo offerta international" as expected. Then the 10/10 22:43 after I received an sms letting me know the services was going to expire soon I did a 10 euros recharge for which at the same time I was charged 1.99 euros for "rinnova offerta TIM Navigazione Sicura" a service I didn't subscribed too, never have I've been advertised, and never was charged in the two months of service I have now, for that reason my credit was insufficient to renovate the original TIM International plan for 8.99 and I was charged for using the data with my credit until I zero out the account. I have contacted the company and they offer me no refund or activation on the original TIM International plan, they only offer me to make a 10 euros charge to have enough credit for the renovation, which is not in my interest since I already made a 10 euros charge for the current month. Is this legal? Thanks in advance.
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