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Unione Nazionale Consumatori Press Release

Rome, 27 January 2012 – “An unprecedented agreement envisaging an overall amount of 44 million euros to benefit 3,206 passengers from 61 different countries”. This is how Massimiliano Dona, Secretary general of Unione Nazionale Consumatori (UNC), welcomes the agreement signed in favour of Costa Concordia shipwreck survivors.

“After nightlong negotiations – Mr. Dona explains – the agreement signed with Costa Crociere rewards the most important Italian consumer organisations for their joint efforts that have led to the signature of an agreement which is historical also for its world scope”.

“ Passengers involved in the shipwreck – Mr. Dona says – will have the advantage of an immediate compensation amounting to 11 thousand euros and will get around 3 thousand euros reimbursements, including the cruise cost and other expenses: the corresponding bank transfers will be made within a week after the signature of the receipt”.

It’s necessary to specify that the agreement is not obligatory: those who are not satisfied with the amounts agreed, will be free to act on their own initiative and to proceed legally by themselves. In addition, the most serious damages – such as those related to personal injury, dead and dispersed people – will be dealt with in separate negotiations, due to the extreme sensitivity of these situations.

Finally, under the consumers’ agreement those who booked a cruise on Costa for future departures around the world have the right to cancel their booking and get a total refund of the price (the refund request must be made by 7 February 2012).


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