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03 Marzo 2023
Dear colleagues, The Italian car rental company "Autovia" has violated my rights as a customer, and please help me to protect my rights. From July 17 to July 30, 2022, I rented an Autovia car with license plate GD316XN in Italy. I took pictures of the mentioned vehicle on July 17 before receiving it and I did it again on July 30 when returning it to Autovia. On August 3, 2022, Autovia sent me three pictures (see these three pictures as attachments) and wrote that the rental car had a broken point on the windshield and that I would have to pay 240.36 euros to repair the spot. On August 5, from the same email from which I received the message on August 3, I wrote to Autovia that I did not agree with the requested fines amounting 240.36 euros. However, the mail kept coming back. I wrote to Autovia's official Facebook page that I did not agree with their fine. In the picture that I took on July 17, the point mentioned by Autovia was on the car, and I informed them about it and sent the pictures on August 8. In the letter of August 8, I once again stated that I did not agree with their opinion and would certainly whish that they consider the matter again and I was waiting for a fair decision from their side. On August 9, Autovia withdrew 240.36 euros from my account! I have asked Autovia representatives many times to send me the documentation created in my case. I asked them to change the specific expert's report, based on which it was established that the car had a dot on the glass in the period of July 17-30. Unfortunately, Autovia did not transfer any of the documents produced in my case. Autovia representatives wrote to me that the three pictures they sent me on August 3 were enough. In the pictures which they sent to me on August 3rd, also is not certain that the damage is on the car I rented (see photo #1). The car has this spot in the pictures I took on July 17th, which I informed Autovia about and sent them the pictures on August 8th (see photo #3, #4, #5). However, they did not discuss or analyze my pictures. None of their letters mentioned the pictures I sent them. Autovia could not prove, that the car was damaged while I was renting it. They did not document the case with me: they did not do research to determine the approximate time of the damage, they did not review/analyze the pictures I sent and compare them to the pictures they took. Please take my case into proceeding, investigate it and defend my right as a consumer - Autovia has to refund the 240.36 euros illegally and unfairly deducted from my account. Upon your request, I will provide you with correspondence with Autovia. Sincerely, Moris Shalikashvili Georgia, Tiflis, 03.03.2023 e.Mail. [email protected]
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