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15 Luglio 2023
Prenotaz/Res Nº 1159141678 DON'T RENT A CAR HERE! Terrible experience! I'm really angry with the service provided by Europcar Italia, they refuse to acknowledge that they are overcharging me even thought I provided them with evidence that the charges are undue. BE CAREFUL IF YOU ARE A FOREIGNER! The worst is that I feel I have been taken advantage of being a foreigner, because I'm not aware of my rights in Italian jurisdiction and I have no access to Italian consumer institutions. I'm in a limb here, I don’t know what to do anymore and they are taking advantage of me. WHAT HAPPENED: During my vacation in Sicilia, I rented a car with Europcar on 15th of may 2023. I was supposed to return it on the 25th, but as the Etna Volcano erupted, I decided that it would be safer to leave Sicilia sooner and i returned the car on the 22th. I was terrified at the time. Volcanic dark ashes all over the place, schools closing...for me it was chaos! When I returned the car on the 22th, Europcar assured me that there was no problem and that they would only charge us until the 22th as they were supposed to. Unfortunately that was not the case and they are charging me the full price as if I had rented until the 25th. They craziest thing is that they insist that they are only charging me until the 22th, which is confusing because I have already sent them my banking statements, proving they are unlawfully charging me 454 euros more than they should! I don't know what to do anymore, can anyone help me? Does anyone know what are the judicial procedures in Italy to take in this situation if you are a foreigner?
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